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Two types of PonCha, “Mixed Fruit Tea” and “Honey Black Tea,” which can be drunk simply by dissolving them in water or hot water, have been added to the PonCha lineup.
These products offer a different taste from the existing PonCha, with a slightly pleasant sweetness and elegant aroma in harmony.
Contents: 13g (10 capsules)
Price: 580 yen without tax (626 yen with tax)

A whole new way to drink teaAnytime, Anywhewe, Japanese Authentic Tea



PonCha has been featured in many media and magazines!Exhibitions and Publications

2023.03 PonCha was released
2023.04 Published in the June issue of Hanako magazine “Japanese Tea Special”
2023.04 TV Kanagawa “Appare Kanagawa Daigyoshin” aired on April 29
2023.05 Appeared on YouTube “Koza” no Kokoro
2023.06 Appearance in Governor Kuroiwa’s diary (Kanagawa Prefecture website)
2023.06 Appearance in the National Agricultural Newspaper on 6/16
2023.07 Over-the-counter sales started at 80 post offices in Kanagawa Prefecture
2023.08 Exhibited at the International Japanese Food Industry Exhibition
2023.08 Exhibited at Fujimaki Hyakka Exhibition (Tokyu Plaza Ginza)
2023.08 Recognized and awarded as a recommended product by the town of Samukawa
2023.10 Exhibited at the Regional Bank Food Selection 2023
2023.11 Exhibited at the Kanagawa Commerce and Industry Association Festival 2023
2023.12 Recognized and awarded at buyer’s room AWARD 2023
2024.01 Recognized as Kanagawa Nadeshiko Brand 2024

Why PonCha is popular all over the worldFeatures of PonCha



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PonCha has many uses!Scenes of Use



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Value-priced PonCha 5-pack set: matcha (using Uji matcha from Kyoto Prefecture), green tea (using Chiran tea), rooibos tea, honey black tea, and mixed fruit tea! Various types of gift wrappers are available.

The seal on the front is so cute that we dare not wrap it from an eco-friendly point of view. We will wrap the gift box with kraft paper for shipping.

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PonChaDevelopment Story

Delicious “authentic tea” anytime, anywhere

In recent years, people have moved away from teapots and are now looking for “convenience” in their tea consumption. While it is easy to drink tea at convenience stores and supermarkets with a variety of famous commercial teas, there are health issues with antioxidants and the fact that PET bottles are not environmentally friendly.

The development of PonCha began when we wondered if we could create a product that would make drinking tea as “eco-friendly” and “convenient” as possible, and our specific idea was the “freeze-drying” method.

Completed after 3 years of development!

However, when it came time to start development, some difficulties emerged. For example, if we hardened the grains, they would be difficult to dissolve.

We also did not want to compromise on quality and taste by seeking only convenience. This is because we carefully select tea leaves from all over Japan and roast them with great care, and we are particular about “delicious tea.

Every day was a series of challenges and innovations. Finally, after three years of development, the freeze-dried tea “PonCha” was completed.

We want to spread the charm of tea to the world!

We are a tea manufacturer that has been in business for over 50 years, and while we value traditional craftsmanship, we also believe it is important to think flexibly to keep up with the times.

We would be very happy if the market for PonCha, a completely new type of freeze-dried tea, expands and the number of tea lovers increases more and more. Please feel free to try PonCha!

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